Troubled times? With us, your payment is insured via Garbo!

We offer a comprehensive solution and with our exclusive advance guarantee from Gar-bo insurance, we give you the security to realize your house dreams in a safe way.

This year we are in our 9th year where we have had the pleasure of creating hundreds of personal and beautiful homes for our customers to enjoy. One reason for our strong growth during these years is that we have been able to offer a smooth and safe overall commitment to our customers. In addition, a wide range of house models, almost unlimited adaptations and an extensive range of extra options have given our customers the opportunity to participate in creating their dream home.


Perhaps you are interested in starting a house project, but are concerned about the current market situation. We understand this and can now offer our advance guarantee through Garbo insurance, which is an exclusive security solution to help you realize your dream without risk. With the advance guarantee, you can be sure that you will never lose any of your paid amounts. When signing your contract, we will provide you with a certificate of insurance issued by Gar-bo försäkringar that is valid until the house is delivered. This means that if the company becomes insolvent, the insurance company guarantees all the money paid to you as a customer. This is among the safest protection in the market and therefore we have developed this insurance in collaboration with Gar-bo insurance, which provides extra security.

Let us help you realize your house dreams in a safe and secure way. Contact us today to get started!

created:August 30, 2023

Order a house today and get 60-80 000kr in options

When buying an Attefallshus or Fritidshus during May, we offer: Underfloor heating in bathrooms, Design commode, Mirror cabinet, Shower walls, Quality interior wood paneling from Norrland to a value of about 60 - 80 000kr depending on the size of the house.

I would like to take advantage of this offer (registration of interest is not binding).