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We are a full-service provider of houses in all their forms, realizing house dreams big and small.


A housing provider with a strong vision for the future!

We are a complete supplier of houses in all their forms, where we realize both large and small house dreams.


Our vision is to simplify house building and create homes for everyone to enjoy. Our mission is that no matter where you are in the world, it should be possible to buy a prefabricated house online.
Our houses should be functional with contemporary architecture. Through innovation and modern technology, we want to create a simple construction and delivery process that provides a positive customer experience.



Tailor your own housing solution with us!

Tailor your own housing solution with us!

Can't find a house model that feels just right? No problem!
We can both adapt existing house models and design completely new house solutions to suit your wishes and needs.

  • Adapting an existing model
  • Get a fixed price for your own house model

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From idea to a pre-packaged house

In this video you can see how our process works from first contact to finished house. If you are thinking of ordering an attefallshus, holiday home or a villa from us, this video can be a great help for you to get started. Read more about the process under the step-by-step tab below.

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Build your house online and see the results immediately!


  • We deliver throughout Sweden
  • Create your dream home in just a few clicks
  • Choose a customised contracting package


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Questions & answers

Below you will find answers to the most common questions our customers have.

Our production takes place in two factories that we own ourselves. We have a Swedish factory in Borlänge and a factory that has been in operation since our start and is located in Lithuania. This means that we have full insight into our production chain, which is controlled with a self-inspection program to ensure quality in all stages of production. All our houses are built according to Swedish building standards and regulations, so you can feel confident that your house is built to a high standard. Our factories employ around 120 people and have a production capacity of 25-30 houses each month.

For a building application, the municipality is required by law to give a decision within 4 weeks of all documents being complete. Often just ordering the new building map from the municipality can take up to 4 weeks. We usually recommend that you count on about 8-12 weeks from the start of the notification. For building permits, the lead times are longer and the municipality has up to 10 weeks to return with a decision or supplementary information. It can vary greatly in how long it takes to get a start notice for a building permit, all depending on the complexity of the case and how quickly or slowly your municipality handles its cases.

Depending on the house you choose, the delivery times for our turnkey houses vary. Below you can see the average delivery time for our turnkey house models: - Freestanding house: approx. 10-14 weeks. - Accessory building: about 16-24 weeks. - Holiday homes: about 16-26 weeks. Because delivery requires complex coordination between several different contractors, freight companies and crane companies, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date until close to the time of delivery. At the start of production, we develop a preliminary delivery week and as the delivery date approaches, we can provide more detailed information about the expected week and day of delivery. If changes are made to our standard house models, if you order a customized house or if extra options are added, the delivery time may be longer than for our standard models. We do our best to keep delivery times as short as possible, but there may be factors beyond our control that affect delivery times. For example, delays by our subcontractors or problems with shipping companies. We understand that not having an exact delivery date in advance can be frustrating, but we always strive to be as transparent as possible and keep our customers updated on any changes or delays that may occur during the delivery process.

With our payment plan, you can feel safe and secure throughout the buying process. We have structured the payment in four parts to give you flexibility and make it easier for you as a customer. First, you make a down payment 10 days after signing the agreement. This gives you time to familiarize yourself with the purchase and make sure you have made the right choice. Once the municipality has approved your application for start-up, and production of your house is planned, 50% of the purchase price is paid before production starts. This is an important step and marks that everything is on the right track and that your house is about to become reality. By the day of delivery, 45% of the total purchase price should be paid to us. To avoid possible late payment interest and additional costs due to late payment, we recommend that you pay the delivery invoice a few days before delivery. Finally, after the approved final inspection and before you take over the house, you pay the last 5% of the purchase price. This is the last part of the payment and marks that you are officially the owner of your new home.

We often find solutions to deliver our houses, even to hard-to-reach places. There may be delivery restrictions in cases where there are hard-to-reach places for mobile cranes and transportation. This is usually the case when the roads are very narrow, the curves are very sharp and sometimes there is no access to the site at all. You may need to adapt the delivery method or the construction method, in which case we build in prefabricated elements instead of in modules, as prefabricated building elements can be delivered with narrower trucks. But you may also need to do additional land preparation than what is included in our packages, so that we can deliver the house. This is carefully reviewed with your project manager and site visits are made if necessary. We have long experience of delivering houses to all possible locations in Sweden and outside Sweden. Over the years, we have been tested in several varying challenges where most things have been solved, we prefer to see solutions rather than limitations. Do not hesitate to ask us if you are in doubt about your project, we solve most things.

We offer three different contracting packages for our modular houses, adapted to your wishes and level of commitment. You can choose from the following types of contracts: The installation package. This package includes: Management of the municipal process with building permit or building notification. We carry out crane and transport control and project manage and coordinate the transport and crane lift so that the house is in place. Assembly and completion of the house by our own carpenters. Final inspection of the house with our supervisor We are responsible for contracting services such as HVAC connection, functional testing and installation of heating cables. Electrical connection and insulation test according to the guidelines of the Swedish Electrical Safety Authority are also included in the package. Major contracting package. This package includes: Management of the municipal process with building permit or building notification. We carry out crane and transportation checks and project manage and coordinate the transportation and crane lift to get the house in place. One of our contracting partners for groundwork makes a site visit and the planning for pipes, culverts and groundwork for water, sewage and electricity is done. In close connection with the house delivery, this work takes place where the other groundwork is also carried out. It includes a graveled and compacted surface where the house foundation will be placed and the construction of the foundation type ordered according to the contract. We are responsible for contracting services such as HVAC connection, functional testing and installation of heating cables. The package also includes electrical connection and insulation test according to the guidelines of the Electrical Safety Authority. Our carpenters complete and install all the details of the house and, in addition, liability insurance and final inspection by a certified inspector are included as standard in this large construction package. Large construction package - Fixed price. This package includes: Major construction package as described above Fixed and secured price of the house delivery Currency insurance Completion insurance and new construction insurance In order to determine a price for this package, a complete investigation is required where we make site visits and collect quotes and compile everything into a final quote. Our experience is that it takes more time and effort than you might think to run, project manage and coordinate your construction project with contracts and works yourself. Even if you have first decided to be responsible for certain parts yourself, it is of course possible to have a dialog with us further into the process if you change your mind. Most of our customers choose the Large Construction Package and if you want to be 100% sure of the cost, you choose a fixed price. In our service byggonline you can choose which contract package you want. You can choose to add to all packages. Garbo insurance, which insures your payment until the house is delivered.

All our houses include electric radiators. If you want more comfort heating/cooling, you should choose an air source heat pump. If you are building a holiday home and intend to use it for permanent living or living more than 4 months in a year, the energy requirements are different. Then you need to choose an exhaust air heat pump with waterborne radiators or waterborne floor heating.

Only when you have received a final decision from the municipality can the house be put into use. This normally takes up to 4 weeks after the house has been delivered, the final inspection has been carried out and all papers have been submitted to the municipality. If the municipality has required an inspection manager, the final notification is handled by this person, otherwise by the responsible project manager.

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Order a house today and get 60-80 000kr in options

When buying an Attefallshus or Fritidshus during May, we offer: Underfloor heating in bathrooms, Design commode, Mirror cabinet, Shower walls, Quality interior wood paneling from Norrland to a value of about 60 - 80 000kr depending on the size of the house.

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