Mini villa / Holiday houses

We offer optimally planned holiday houses and smart seigned residential buildings between 40-140 m². Our houses are characterized by a modern design and solid quality. We continuously launch more floor plans and larger house models where every square meter is carefully thought out and fully utilized. If you have your own model or want to adapt an existing model, this usually goes well. All material choices in our houses are chosen with care and are of course adapted for year-round living in our Nordic climate.


We have several floor plan options for each house model and series in different sizes where the focus is on the number of bedrooms or other functions such as a larger bathroom with sauna and relaxation. Our holiday houses fit perfectly into the ski slopes likewise in our idyllic Swedish archipelago.


Our holiday houses & minivillas are built in turnkey house modules in a warm and dry factory. To then be transported to the final destination and then were we lift the house to its place. The houses are perfect for both private persons/ families and housing developers. We offer turnkey models that can easily be adapted to semi-detached houses and chain houses for the construction of condominium associations.

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